The UNV has publicly released its UNV Youth Volunteering Strategy 2014-2017. This strategy establishes UNV’s vision with regards to youth volunteering for the next three years and follows an extensive process of consultation with a wide range of partners, among which the World Organization of the Scout Movement was included.

UN Youth Volunteering Strategy cover

UN Youth Volunteering Strategy 14-17 cover

According to the International Labour Organization, youth make up 25 per cent of the world’s working age population with 85 per cent of them living in developing countries. The youth unemployment rate is nearly three times higher than the adult unemployment rate.

Online volunteers have been supporting the Youth Employment Network (YEN), an inter-agency programme of the United Nations, International Labour Organization and the World Bank, in the development and management of the YEN Marketplace, an online community where youth employment practitioners and young entrepreneurs can find and exchange ideas, resources, and partnership.

You can access the strategy document here


José Figueira
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José Figueira

José comes from Portugal and is a Unit Manager for Adult Resources (Educational Methods) at the European Scout Office. He is responsible for a number of projects and events but has a particular focus on Adult Resources.

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