As with the first report published in 2011, the primary purpose of this report is to give NSOs/NSAs an insight into the membership data of the European Scout Region. The findings are based on data the European Scout Region has received from individual NSOs/NSAs, rather than purely WOSM census figures.

With this second iteration of the report, the European Scout Committee has also taken considerable time to look at the situation around the world, benchmarking itself with performance in other Regions by looking at externally held population and census data as well as data held by WOSM itself.

NSOs/NSAs in the European Scout Region will be aware that there has been much discussion in WOSM over the last 18 months that goes right to the heart of how we define membership in WOSM.

Are we a federation of NSOs, with NSOs as Member Organisations that require to be serviced? Or, are we moving to a membership model where we define membership of WOSM on the numbers of individuals involved?

In fact, that’s how we look at membership when it comes to the issue of fees. Find out more in the report currently available in English only.

Download Membership Report 2013 or read online on our Scribd Library



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