(WSBERO/Geneva) – Suske and Wiske, two famous characters from a Belgian comic strip who are known as Spike and Suzy or Bob and Bobette in other countries, will accompany participants of this year’s Academy and take us with them to discover more about Belgium, its beauty and rich heritage. Our two heroes travel around the world with many objectives. This time they will take us through the European landscape to discover how we can learn, think and share, how we can challenge each other to create even better Guiding and Scouting for today and tomorrow.

Suske & Wiske are ready. Will you join them at the Academy 2013?

Suske & Wiske are ready. Will you join them at the Academy 2013?

“The Academy 2013 will take place in a excellently equipped training centre in Malle”, explains Suske, “Malle is a small town not so far away from our capital Brussels. It is on the countryside and the centre is surrounding by idyllic landscape and a lot of green.  Especially at the time of the event from 29 October to 3 of November. I am sure the venue will provide the best background for experiencing  Scouting and Guiding at its best.”

“The Academy is open for everyone holding a position at national level in Member Organizations of WAGGGS and National Scout Organisations and National Scout Associations of WOSM, from members of particular working groups to Chief Commissioners”, adds Wiske, recalling that “most organisations will probably send participants that hold positions in specific areas of work.”

The Provincial Training Centre in Malle, Belgium

The Provincial Training Centre in Malle, Belgium

Indeed, previous Academies have shown that most participants are active in the field of governance (as commissioners or board members), in the field of Educational Methods (as trainers or programme commissioners) or in the field of representation (for instance in communications or advocacy). Consequently, the Academy 2013 will offer a broad range of sessions addressing matters of interest to all these different groups of participants.

“During the event”, says Wiske, “participants will be able to choose from a variety of sessions per day and thus compose their proper training plan matching their own position and particular needs. A broad range of sessions dealing with different areas of work will be offered simultaneously. And there will be enough sessions on offer to make the event interesting for everyone.”

And Suske adds an important aspect: “You do not have enough free days allowing you to attend the Academy? Your professional responsibilities do not make in possible to take so many days off? You already planned your holidays at this particular time of the year? No problem. Because the Academy is a flexible and demand-driven event. Thus, the duration of the event can vary according to each participant’s personal expectations, interests, and availability. However, all participants are highly encouraged to attend the whole event, enjoying and taking the most from the unique learning and sharing experiences the Academy will provide them with.”

Suske and Wiske will be happy to welcoming you and your fellow Leaders in Belgium. So will you join them?

Further details are just a click away:
– Check out information available and register on-line on the Academy’s website
– and follow planning progress and discussions on Facebook and on Twitter

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