(Geneva/WSBERO) – It is a wide spread phenomenon in Scouting and almost as old as the Scout Movement itself: nearly every day and in all corners of Europe you will come across a local Scout Group running a typical Scouting activity. But seldom are the Scouts and their actions captured on images. And when pictures are taken, they are unlikely to be shared beyond the particular Section, Unit or Group concerned.

But we all know: “An image says more than a thousand words”. And this is of course true for the Scout Movement as well. It is so much easier to explain the manifold aspects of Scouting with showing ‘telling’ illustrations.

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Enough reasons for the European Scout Region to launch its #MyBestScoutPhoto contest. A number of reports are due to be presented at the upcoming 21st European Scout Conference. And rather than telling their story with thousands of words, the European Scout Committee would like to use images reflecting the broad range of activities run in the European Region over the past three years.

So, check your personal image archive and the image database of your local Group, your district or National Scout Association. Send in your best photos for the #MyBestScoutPhoto contest and hope to see them illustrate the Region’s report. A selection of images will also be exhibited at the 21st European Scout Conference. And a nice prize awaits the author of the BestScoutPhoto!

The #MyBestScoutPhoto Contest 2013

Deadline for submission
o 30 June 2013, at 12h00 CEST

Resolution & format
o minimum 900/1600 resolution
o ideal 1200/2000 resolution
o JPG format

Required information
o Name, date of brth and email of author
o National Scout Association
o Holder of copyright
o Title of the photo
o Category in which photo is submitted
o Date and occasion of photo

How to submit
o by uploading and appropriately tagging your submission to euroscoutinfo’s Flickr page
o by providing us with the link to the URL where the image is accessible in the Internet
o as attachment to an email sent to the European Regional Office

Categories (tags)
o outdoor activity
o indoor activity
o inclusion
o community service
o youth empowerment
o international dimension
o worldjamboree2011
o roverway2012

Unless otherwise decided by the author, the copyright of a given image remains with the current holder of the copyright. This will be indicated in appropriate fashion.

We will be using #MyBestScoutPhoto when communicating updates on Twitter and other social media platforms.


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Rupert Schildböck
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Rupert Schildböck

Rupert comes from Austria and is the Executive Assistant to the Regional Director. His responsibilities include internal and external communications and administrative assistance in Regional events.

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