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The YO!Fest is the annual Youth-Led Political Festival organised by the European Youth Forum, which will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of EU Youth Programmes and the occasion to officially launch the League of Young Voters one year before the elections 2014. This year, the YO!Fest programme is really rich and special! It will be an open space with many different events connected to each other included activities organised by partners, Institutions and European Youth Forum Member Organisations, all taking place within the time range of 2 days;

Have a picnic with Herman Van Rompuy, fly in a hot air balloon with José Manuel Barroso and share your views of investment in youth with the President of the European Parliament and various Commissioners!

At the occasion of the YO!Fest, 30th – 31st May 2013 in Brussels, the European Youth Forum is organizing a lot of events.

We would like to propose some of them:

YO!Fest // Call for participants LoveYouthFuture Debate Competition (application deadline: 29/04/2013)

An event for 16 young participants, coming from member organisations of the Forum in the format of debate competition on the theme of LoveYouthFuture – investing in youth.

The main aim of the event is to raise awareness and knowledge on the importance of investing in youth. The LoveYouthFuture (LYF) campaign aims to inform decision makers and society on the needs to invest in youth.

The Forum selects via a call to MOs 16 representatives to participate to this event.

Please, to know everything about this event and how to participate  please click here

WIN A TRIP TO YO!FEST // Video/photography Competition (application deadline: 29/04/2013)

The event is a Film/photography competition targeting young people under 25 years of age on the theme of “Investing in Youth”. The Competition is a chance for young people to showcase their creative talents while also exploring the themes of young people in Europe and how we value them.

The best artistic projects will be invited to the YO!Fest to present their work and take part to round table gathering the different elements of these projects.

Travel and accommodation of participants is provided.

Please, to know everything about this event and how to participate please click here

YO!Fest // Call for Participants – “Investing in Youth” Discussion with Commissioner Rehn (Deadline to register is 11 May 11:59 am)

There is an extraordinary opportunity to discuss with Mr Olli Rehn, the Vice President of the European Commission, about the impact of the crisis towards young people and also to present young people’s views on exit strategies to the crisis and what is important for the Europe’s young people in this regard.

“Investing in Youth” discussion will be organised on 27 May, 14:30-16:00 in Brussels, Belgium.

This event will gather young people, Members of the Parliament and civil society representatives to discuss about this important topic.

Please, to know everything about this event and how to participate please, click here

YO!Fest // InterRail to cross Europe and reach Brussels! (application deadline: 29/04/2013)

To facilitate the participation of young Europeans to the YO!Fest 2013 (, the European Youth Forum is making available, thanks to the support of Eurail, 100 InterRail tickets!

Please, to know everything about this event and how to participate please, click here.


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