For six months, my home will be in Belgium, in the city of Brussels. I have always been enamoured with this country, perhaps thanks to the presence of the European Institutions and because it is here that many initiatives and projects involving us Europeans are happening. Brussels is the political and economic decision-making center of Europe and a place for a number of international organizations;

I have the feeling that the city is belonging to everybody, it is difficult to feel foreign here. Brussels is a mix of cultures, there is always a way to feel at home or to discover something new. Here, in this attractive city, is hosted one of the offices of the European Region of WOSM/OMMS, precisely the one in charge of external relations, and funding. I have the opportunity to work in this office for six month.

My Italian NSA, the CNGEI (Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani) is partner to WOSM European Scout Region for a project granted by the Youth in Action program (European Union). After having applied for a call published by my association, I have been selected to work for WOSM European Scout Region as an ‘Assistant of External Relations and Funding’. My project requires me to be a support for the office, but also a great resource for CNGEI. My experience here will allow me to develop some skills on external relations, learn on how search for funding and develop applications. During my stay in the office I will be involved organizing the Euro-Arab Meeting …, which will be held in Rome. This event is organized by WOSM European Scout Region and hosted and supported by my NSO, FIS (Italian Federation of Scouting).

I have also the possibility to participate to many initiatives organized by the YFJ (Youth Forum Jeunesse-European Youth Forum) which WOSM European Scout Region is a member and at the various meetings organized by other partners. I am sure that my work here will be a useful experience for my National Scout Association and useful for my professional and personal development.

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Valeria Ileana Siciliano
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Valeria Ileana Siciliano

Valeria Ileana comes from Italy and she is Assistant on External Relations and Funding at the European Scout Office. She is following the Region's work on External Relations and Funding.

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