(WSBERO/Genève) – As you know, volunteering is one of the areas of work of the European Regions of WAGGGS and WOSM in the current Triennium. As part of this work and also in order to follow up on our participation in the European Year of Volunteering, we have developed a survey to help the Regions understand volunteering that is taking place in Guiding and Scouting in Europe and the related needs of volunteers engaged in the two Regions.

The results from the survey will help us to further improve the support the two Regions can provide to Guide and Scout Associations in Europe in this core area of our activities. We want to reach adult volunteers in Guiding and Scouting from the local to the national levels! So, please can you help us by sharing the survey widely in your association and in your networks and invite your fellow volunteers to complete it – here is the link. 

It is currently available in English, Czech, Italian and Portuguese and we will let you know as soon as it becomes available in additional languages.

We will of course be happy to share the results of the survey in due course. A large number of replies will obviously give us even more valuable information about volunteering in the Regions so we appreciate any help you can give in sharing the survey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact José at the European Office.


José Figueira
About The Author

José Figueira

José comes from Portugal and is a Unit Manager for Adult Resources (Educational Methods) at the European Scout Office. He is responsible for a number of projects and events but has a particular focus on Adult Resources.

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