The life cycles of both Youth Programme and Training System of a Scout Organisation/Association become shorter all the time. While Youth Programme is our educational offer to young people to help develop their full potentials, the Training System is there to provide necessary competencies to voluntary leaders to support this Programme.

Today a 10-year-old Training System can already be considered outdated: the trends in Scouting and the society around it have become shorter. As a result, more and more NSOs/NSAs are renewing and updating their Training Systems. Therefore, the European Region’s Growth through Quality Working Group has decided to collect relevant information and is asking those NSOs/NSAs, which may recently have renewed their Training Systems or which are currently doing so. to inform the European Region about this. We aim to establish a list of NSOs/NSAs that have experience and envisage sharing it with others interested. The list will be published on this site.

If your NSO/NSA recently renewed Training System or is currently doing so, please contact Jordan Bajraktarov and make sure to be included in this list so that the European Region can share your experience further.


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Jordan Bajraktarov
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Jordan Bajraktarov

Jordan is a Director of Organisational Development at the World Scout Bureau - Europe Support Centre, Geneva

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