Featuring the last achievements of CNE with Cape Verdian Scouting Association, Carla Grafino is telling us their story

Mindelo, a port of São Vicente, was the meeting point of the three partners of the recent partnership for the development of Scouting in Cape Verde. This journey is gathering CNE, from Portugal, the AECV (Scouting Association of Cape Verde), from Cape Verde, and the Order of Malta, through Peter McCann. It was a three days meeting with the purpose of evaluating the current situation of Scouting in Cape Verde and in the Island of São Vicente, in particular, as well as establishing contacts and design a new action plan for the following months. AECV is the Scout association recognized by WOSM, with local groups in the islands of Santiago and Santo Antão. The goal of this partnership is to spread Scouting on the island of São Vicente, in the city of Mindelo. During this visit we have established contact with several people with the aim of supporting AECV in this task, as Bishop Dom Ildo, Father Lino and Father Agostinho Silva, as well as former Scouts living in Mindelo. After connecting people together, agreeing on the next steps and with the determination and energy of all actors, we hope to have results really soon.

One of the activities to be undertaken in a near future is a training for leaders with the purpose of updating their knowledge on educational methods. This activity will be prepared by CNE and AECV, in order to guarantee the sharing of good practices.

In 2012, we will also have another activity of CNE in Cape Verde, with the Portuguese local group 113 from São Domingos de Rana, which will be developing the Project “Escuta África” (Listening to Africa) together with the local group 1 of AECV, in the Island of Santiago, Cape Verde.


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