(TSA/Gilwell Park) – The Scout Association, the National Scout Organization in the United Kingdom, has just released a short film to get us talking about youth culture and the positive impact Scouting can have.  At the heart of the film, which was made by The Cell Productions over the last three months, is the idea that youth organisations and charities are to be considered influential and relevant to the burning issues of the day such as youth crime and unemployment.

“Last year”, explains Natasha Giraudel, marketing manager at The Scout Association, “we commissioned an independent report to measure the impact Scouting makes on young people in the UK. This assessment found that Scouting can help young people to make a real and long-lasting commitment to their communities and develop a wide range of valuable skills through adventurous activities.”

Evidence from another study (“Typical young people” by NfP Synergy) suggests that young people who have participated in a youth or sport club such as Scouting are less likely to drink or smoke, more likely to participate in physical activity, more likely to have a good relationship with other adults in their community, more likely to have parents who trust them and more likely to be engaged in their schooling.

“The film takes up this message”, says Natasha. Set in East London, it tracks the journey of seven young people on their way to the Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre. Natasha: “It is designed to challenge preconceptions and misconceptions of Scouting and young people.  And it is an external campaign, aimed predominantly at parents. We hope through this film to dispel myths such as girls are not a part of Scouting”.

The film ends with the message  “This should be the best years of their lives. With your help we can make that happen” and challenges viewers to “expect more”.  After watching the film a special website invites people to learn more about the impact of Scouting.

So,  please share the film with family and friends so as to spread its positive message.

For more information:

– The Scout Association on the web and on facebook.




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