As part of the work plan for the Growth through Quality Working Group we are seeking to collect together great ideas that NSOs have used to recruit members – both young people and adults.

We know there are lots of ideas being used such as Facebook campaigns, posters, dedicated websites, TV and radio adverts, Youtube clips and resource packs – we want to know about them all! We also want to know if they have been successful.

Our aim is to collect these examples together and share them so that other NSOs can learn from your experience. We all have limited resources so by sharing our ideas it will help all NSOs get ideas and learn from the work of others. It may also be possible to save some money by adapting ideas from one country to another and perhaps saving design costs too.

So please do not just tell us what has worked, we would also like to hear about things that did not work as well as you would have liked and your views on why this was the case.

We know that most NSOs make these resources available on the web so we simply require a set of web links to them and some brief comments on whether you found them to work to Jordan Bajraktarov ( at the Regional office.

Thank you for your help and thank you for helping the other NSOs in Europe too.


Jordan Bajraktarov
About The Author

Jordan Bajraktarov

Jordan is a Director of Organisational Development at the World Scout Bureau - Europe Support Centre, Geneva

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