The Volunteering Working Group of the European Scout Region would like to get an updated picture of the situation of volunteering inside the NSOs and this is why we need your help. This series of three surveys is prepared mainly for the participants of the current 7th Educational Methods Forum of the European Scout Region, but not only for them. Don’t hesitate to share with us your info. 

From the discussions about recognition of Volunteering at WSJ 2011.

Current situation, recruitment and retention of volunteers in NSOs – did you experience any particular difficulties or successes? Let us know via this part of the survey.

Help us to get evidence of scout and guide involvement in the European Year of Volunteering! We hope to get good examples of best practices for the upcoming publications on volunteering! Please, read more and fill in the questionnaire here!

Finally, have you encountered any problems regarding legislation on volunteering or have a good example from influencing policy development and lobbying for better conditions for volunteering? Any good practices of external recognition of scouting? Let us know here!

Thank you on behalf of the Volunteering Working Group.


Pavel Trantina
About The Author

Pavel Trantina

Pavel comes from the Czech Republic and is the co-ordinator of Region's Volunteering Working Group.

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