On May the 19th, the National Organization of Romanian Scouts is organizing Light’s Festival – a simultaneous project that will happen in more than 20 cities.

Light’s Festival (www.facebook.com/festivalul.luminii) is a different kind of festival, a space where young talents can perform, a unique atmosphere created for two hours with thousands of candles. It is a gift from scout groups to their local communities.

Everyday life has become a real race against the clock for most of us. Always in lack of time, split between many responsabilities, job and family, we totaly forget about our soul, we forget to enjoy the little things.

The world we live in makes us plan every moment carefully in order to achieve all our goals so most of the times we forget to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the smile of child or rediscovering the beauty of little things.

The aim of Light’s Festival is to ofer local cammunities an event during which young people have the posiblility to show their talents in various forms of art and the participants can unwind for 2 hours from stress and their day-to-day problems, enjoy the unique athmosphere of the festival.

(Text provided by Bogdan Pater, Online Communications Officer – National Organization of Romanian Scouts)


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