Is it possible to double National Scout Organisation’s membership in less than two years? Scouts in Lithuania say “yes we can!” and launch a project aimed to attract more young people and volunteers to join scouting.

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All new volunteers will get a mentor, special training course and the “Scout Starter Kit” with all the material needed for starting a scouts unit. What else? A few scouts-wannabes (in our plans it’s a thousand or two of them). All through the year we will hold a lot of different activities aimed not only to make them better scouts, but also to raise society awareness about scouts.

This leads to another part of our project: media campaign. Meeting with the best Lithuanian advertisement professionals, training our young spoke-persons, doing some strategizing and planning, drafting our first stories and so on. Our aim is to focus on quality, get some really good media coverage and have a long lasting effect of our image in society.

© Lithuanian Scouting Communication Committee

Tomas Rakovas, Chief Executive of Lithuanian Scouting, is one of the biggest believers that we will achieve our goals: “For more than five years we’ve been focusing on our internal needs and now it’s the time to open up and invite new people to join us. Lithuanian society is suffering from a lot of pessimism, especially, when it comes to youth related issues. It’s not only our wish, but also our responsibility to stand up and show, that scouting is a powerful movement, which is able to prepare young people for their future lives and doing a great job so far.

Sure, Lithuanian Scouting is making a huge step forward. We’ve been wondering if we are really ready, but you know what they say – the only way to know is to try.”

This growth project is funded by European Structural Fund and is carried out by Lithuanian Scouting in cooperation with Lithuanian Girl Guides and Student Scout Organization.

To find out more about project check visit the project’s blog (only Lithuanian language) or contact International Commissioner of Lithuanian Scouting

Jorė Astrauskaitė

Project media and communications team member


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