Newly elected leadership of The Scout Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina meeting first time after elections with representatives of WOSM European Region

The 17th of December 2011 will certainly be remembered as a very important date among the scouts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a very long period of negotiations, the scouts of Bosnia and Herzegovina are proud to announce that they now have a National Scout Organization, comprised of the three existing scout Associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Scout Association of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scout Association of Republica Srpska, Scout Association of Brčko District).

All 25 delegates of the Constituent Assembly held today voted unanimously for founding the NSO and elected the presidency of the NSO. The first Presidency of the NSO will be composed of the following members:

  • Mr. Dragan Gnjatić for President,
  • Ms Emira Kršlak for Vice-president,
  • Mr. Adnan Badnjević for Program Commissioner,
  • Mr Ivan Klašnić for Training Commissioner and
  • Ms Hana Pašić for International Commissioner.

The scouts of Bosnia and Herzegovina were very happy to host friends from the region – Dr. Andrea Demarmels, ESC contact for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Jordan Bajraktarov, field executive of the European Scout Bureau, as well as friends from Serbia and Croatia.

(Article by Hana Pasic)


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