About ten years ago CNE Portugal was faced with a challenge, how to
involve Rovers activly in decision making process! The Rover forum
“Cenáculo” was developed as a way to involve Rovers and increase
participation on national level.

“Cenáculo” is like a “participation school”, where we have Rovers
learning how to be in a Forum, how to present their ideas, how to work
in small groups, developing ideas and projects, how to present results
and proposals in a plenary session. Says Catarina Inverno when
explaning the forum.

Catarina continues saying that CNE is having better results in terms
of its own development because young people feel involved and
responsible of it. With this initiative, we were able to create a way
to our Rovers to be part of something bigger, and be more prepared to
face “other” people “outside”, with a comparative advantage in terms
of team work, speaking in public, flexibility, responsibility and
personal/group organisation.

If you would like to learn more about the “Cenáculo” then you can read
Catarina’s full story.


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Radu Stinghe
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Radu comes from Romania and is the Director of Youth Programme in the European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Educational Methods and Youth Empowerment.

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