ONCR/Bucharest – The work of Organizaţia Naţională Cercetaşii României (ONCR, the National Scout Organisation in Romania) received national recognition when Romanian Scouting was recently awarded the 2nd prize in the National Education Awards of the Patriciu Foundation.

Romanian Scouts Celebrating at RoJam 2011

Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag, President of ONCR, who received the prize on behalf of her organisation, was very pleased to see Romanian Scouting receiving the National Education Award and said that it was a welcome recognition of the valuable work delivered by highly motivated and well trained leaders throughout Romania. The prize especially recognised the Scouts’ involvement in non-formal education, their efforts in running community development and social projects and the volunteer engagement of its members.

The National Education Award is the second time that ONCR’s educational achievements are recognised after the Ministry of Education, Research and Sports had invited Romanian Scouting earlier this year to run a Special Scouting Day in Romanian schools in 2012.

The prize money of EUR 10’000 will allow ONCR to further develop its programme and training activities and certainly contribute to helping Scouting grow in Romania.

For more information, check out the websites of ONCR and the National Education Award.


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