A two-year process of a UK-wide consultation process has come to a successful end, when delegates adopted their Association’s ‘Vision Towards 2018’ at the recent General Assembly of The Scout Association of the United Kingdom (TSA, UK).

Chief Scout Bear Grylls with fellow UK Scouts

The Association had been working with all members to develop a new vision to ensure that Scouting continued to meet the needs of children, young people and adults. The most recent years saw membership steadily growing, “but none of this happened by accident,” explains Derek Twine, TSA’s Chief Executive, “it was all part of our Vision Towards 2012.” After ten years marked by the renewal of leadership, the revision of youth programme, training concepts and image, the Association finds itself renewed and re-energised. “So now there’s a new vision for Scouting in the UK – this time to 2018.”

“We have achieved a great deal, but we still have challenges ahead,” adds Chief Commissioner Wayne Bulpitt, “the last ten years have shown just how much we can achieve when we all work together. And I know that I am confident and excited about the future of Scouting.”

The new vision aims at UK Scouting:

Making a positive impact in local communities;
Preparing young people to be active citizens;
Embracing and contributing to social change;

It is hoped that by 2018, TSA will be:

Shaped by young people n partnership with adults;
– Enjoyed by more young people and more adult volunteers;
As diverse as the communities in which it operates;

With all this achieved, members of TSA in 2018 will feel empowered, valued and proud.

For more details about TSA’s new vision and about the process which led to its adoption, please check the relevant pages of the website of the Scout Association of the United Kingdom.


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