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The sound of the Kudu horn brought together scouts from all over the country, setting a new milestone for Romanian Scouting.
RoJAM is the 5th National Jamboree and at the same time a test of maturity for the National Organization of Romanian Scouts since the last Jamboree in Romania was held in 1936.
RoJAM 2011 is the largest event in Romanian Scouting – an administrative, logistic, communications and programme challenge that has no equal in the organization’s recent history. At the same RoJAM 2011 is the most significant national event in South-Eastern Europe in the last decade judging both by scale and by content.

The spirit of Scouting catches everyone

© Organizaţia Naţională "Cercetaşii României"

After a presentation of the previous 4 National Jamborees, Oana Badea (Minister Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport), Lorincz Szell (Vice-President of the National Authority for Sport and Youth), Laurentiu Sterza (Regional Bishop), Dr. Teodor Dumitru Banciu (Mayor of Săliște), Andrei Popescu (Youth in Action Coordinator for Romania), and Mr. Hans Christian Haberman (Transylvanian Saxon Foundation) took to the stage set up in the field outside Săliște.
“I have a challenge for you; next year we will have a week of school in a different way, and I ask you to send to the Ministry of Education how to spend a week in the spirit of Scouting” said Oana Badea, Minister Secretary of State MERYS.

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The Kudu sound creates a new society

RoJAM was officially opened at 00:39, and the moment was marked by Radu Stinghe, the camp chief, in the same way Lord Baden Powell marked the beginning of the first World Scout Jamboree, with the sound of a Kudu horn.

“Our Jamboree, the biggest national event made by young people for young people in the last years, proves to everyone that the National Organization of Romanian Scouts has become an organization that can have an impact in society. It is said that young people are the future of the county – I like to think that young people are it’s present! You do not inherit this society – you create it! Experience RoJAM and make a promise that once you get back home, in your local communities, you will take the next step to create the world you wish to live in!” said Radu Stinghe, Programme Director at the World Scout Bureau, European Region.

Adventure, self-confidence, testing your own limits and a lot of adrenaline! RoJAM participants are getting pumped with energy in the climbing, slack line and one of the longest flying foxes in the country (measuring about 200 meters).

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Youth involvement in local communities development aims both at initiating them in the local trades, such as bee keeping, glass painting or forging steel and getting them acquainted with areas full of potential. This is achieved by marking a hike path and setting up some public areas like a children’s play ground and mini stands for the local stadium.

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Using the Global Development Village method, Glocals aims to emphasize the importance of a sustainable development in today’s society. The themes and the activities taking place in Glocals target global aspects with local effects on communities that scouts are also a part of.

RoJAM also features a non-formal education infusion to remind participants that a holiday is the best time to learn new things. For a whole day, during the Non-Formal Education Fair, over 40 workshops are available, that will offer scouts the possibility to get to know the educational methods used by other organizations.

The ultimate test for the scouts attending RoJAM will be the Scout Olympics. Scouts will get to compete for 5 hours in patrols with other local groups to see who is the best. There are two age groups (over and under 12 years old) and 12 tasks they will have to complete in order to become winners of the first Scout Olympics after 75 years.

RoJAM – Behind the scenes

An episode of RoJAM S comes out everyday to show what happened in the Jamboree the day before. Here are the episodes that came out so far:

For more info check out RoJAM website( www.rojam.ro ) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RoJAM2011)


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