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The 2nd Workshop (3rd Working meeting) of the Unguvu Project is now well underway in the beautiful surroundings of Europe’s Scout and Guide Castle; Burg Rieneck in the northern Bavarian hills. Co-funded by the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission, Unguvu forms a key part of the commitment of the two regions to work together in partnership. Over the course of 2011, thirty-three young people from the 11 partner associations, as well as representatives from the two regions, will work to build their capacities and act as multipliers to strengthen existing partnerships, creating new, bilateral and multilateral, partnerships between NSOs/NSAs. A key output of the project will be a handbook and training module on partnerships between Africa and Europe.

During this workshop the participants have already been evaluating the concept and process of partnership in light of their Unguvu experience. This revaluation has included a renewed focus on the importance of trust and cross-cultural communication. The Europeans have also enjoyed taking more time to listen to the African participants perspectives and this has produced some very interesting insights into our partnerships. Participants are now working on finalising the content of the two tools.

Participants yesterday had the opportunity to see other youth organisations in action visiting the SOS Kinderdorf in Hohenroth to see their work with people with special needs. This was particularly interesting for some of the African participants whose NSOs are doing work in this area.

Over the next few days participants will look at the skills required to multiply the project through the implementation of the two tools; the handbook and the training module. Following the meeting participants will work in small editorial teams to work on finalising the tools and preparing them for publication.

The Unguvu team has taken over the castle and the drums are beating…Africa Europe partnerships are really becoming the talk of this small German town.


Timothy Watson
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Timothy Watson

Tim comes from UK and is Project Officer, Cooperation at the European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Partnerships with other Regions and on international development issues.

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