Last week both the Coordinating Team and the 4 coordinating participants from the Handbook Working Group of the Unguvu Project met in Nairobi, Kenya. Co-funded by the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission, Unguvu forms a key part of the commitment of the two regions to work together in partnership. Over the course of 2011, thirty-three young people from the 11 partner associations, as well as representatives from the two regions, will work to build their capacities and act as multipliers to strengthen existing partnerships, creating new, bilateral and multilateral, partnerships between NSOs/NSAs.

The Handbook Team spent many long hours working with a graphic designer to further develop the content as well as to develop the graphic layout and design for the introductory handbook of Africa-Europe partnerships. This handbook will form one of the key outputs of the project. Meanwhile the Coordinating Team met to plan for the 2nd workshop of the project that will take place from the 7th to the 13th June at Burg Rieneck, Germany. Both meetings were successful in achieving their objectives and  the coordinating team is now ready to deliver and exciting and interesting programme in Rieneck while the handbook has now been developed into a full first draft.

The meeting also gave the participants the opportunity to see African Scouting in action with a visit to Machakos to visit some Food for Life projects. Food for Life is an Africa Region run project that aims to encourage African young people to develop agricultural and entrepreneurial skills that they can use to increase their family’s food security, as a source of income and even as a possible career path. As part of the European Region’s partnership with Africa the ERO has supported the ARO in sourcing funding for and promoting Food for Life and the participants enjoyed seeing the successful results of this partnership.



Timothy Watson
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Timothy Watson

Tim comes from UK and is Project Officer, Cooperation at the European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Partnerships with other Regions and on international development issues.

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