During the weekend of the 25th to 27th of March the Embracing Change Work Group had it’s first real meeting. Previously the Coordinator and supporting Committee-member has met with the volunteers of the European Region WAGGGS and the Growth through Quality Work Group. The Work Group met in Brussels and Bergen, Norway using the modern means of information technology to have participants in more than one location.

The Work Group

Embracing Change Work Group in meeting

The Work Group and its supporting staff from the Regional Office went through the Regional Scout Plan and the objectives in the Joint Work Plan with the European Region WAGGGS identifying possible overlaps and joint projects with other Work- and Core Groups. During the meeting we were also visited by Paola Cervo from the regional office of WAGGGS. Paola shared with us information on how the European Region WAGGGS plan to operate during the year and what their plans are for the comming triennium – given the fact that they have a World Conference in July, where strategy and work plan for 2012-2014 will be adopted. With Paola we continued the previously initiated discussion about how to work to achieve the Joint Objectives, and what operational Framework we will have for the Joint work.

Coming out of a very intense, yet interesting, weekend we now have a much better idea about what we have to do to help the NSO’s of the region raise their competences and abilities to adapt to the changes in society that are happening all over Europe. Much work lies ahead of us in forming projects, workshops and seminar on regional events and in developing ways to provide the Tailored Support that the NSO’s need. But, as for now we have a very eager and inspired team ready to do all we can to serve the regions need of embracing change in the triennium.


Thomas Bruno
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Thomas Bruno

Thomas comes from Sweden and is a voluntary leader of the Embracing Change Working Group.

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