It’s the time to share experiences, knowledge, practices with our brothers and sisters of the Arab Region. Every two years, the two regions meet. The next meeting will be in May 25-29, in Algiers, Algeria. Join Us!

Looking at the events, referred to as the “Arab Spring”, in the region, the situation in Algeria is regularly checked with our hosts. They are confident that we can hold the meeting in all safety. Following the huge youth movements in the whole region, it is now, more than ever, time to meet our brothers, share and why not, plan for future partnerships, exchanges and deepen the friendship!

Have a look at the invitation letter and the application form and revert to us by the 15th April,


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Alix Masson
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Alix Masson

Alix comes from France and she was Director of External Relations and Funding at European Scout Office. She was following the Region's work on Partnerships with other Regions, External Relations and Funding.

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