Rover Representative (RR) is the official youth representative of Roverway 2012 for his/hers association. RR will introduce and promote the event to his/hers associations members. It is advised that RR cooperates with Head of Contingent who acts as an official link between the Roverway organisation and the national association.

The Rover Representatives meeting is held 25.-28.8.2011 in Helsinki, Evo camp site and Jämsä. The aim of the meeting is to empower the Rover Representative to be involved in Roverway promotion.  Meeting gives RR information and tools to help promote the event in the participants home organization. Tools for communicating between youth will be introduced and trained to use. During the event we will visit the Evo campsite and give information regarding various paths, the camp itself, registration process to the event and event fees. Meeting will continue at Jämsä at the same venue with the National Rover Event.

The RR is vital for making the Roverway event known in every part of Europe and gives participants the impact to get involved in Roverway. Training Rover Representatives for youth-to-youth communication is the key component when making a successful event. RR posts will be opened on the 1st of May. The requirements of the post will be sent directly to the Heads of Contingents. They will also be published on the Roverway web- and Facebook pages.

For the Rover Representatives –meeting we are applying the YiA –funding. If we get the YiA -funding we can compensate up to 70% of the flight costs.

If you are interested to get the partnership documents or just need more info please contact


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Radu comes from Romania and is the Director of Youth Programme in the European Scout Office. He is following the Region's work on Educational Methods and Youth Empowerment.

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