I’m in Brussels this weekend for two meetings; a meeting of the Steering Group of the European Scout Committee and a meeting of the Coordinating Group, which is a combination of the Steering Group of the European Scout Committee and the Steering Committee of the Europe Committee WAGGGS! It all sounds quite complicated but it’s quite simple really!

The Steering Group is comprised of myself, Henrik Söderman as Vice-Chairman, and David McKee as Regional Director and we’ll be meeting in our Brussels office.

The Coordinating Group is comprised of the Steering Group (as above) plus Lara Tonna, Pascale Vandersmissen and Penelope Cooper from the Europe Committee WAGGGS.

Henrik, David and I will spend Saturday morning and Sunday morning discussing the progress made by the European Scout Committee since the last meetings in November 2010 in Geneva and January 2011 in Curitiba. We will look at the Regional Scout Plan, the meetings of Working Groups and Core Groups that have taken place or are due to take place in the coming weeks and make preparations for various initiatives.

On Saturday afternoon we will join our colleagues from WAGGGS, and will first update each other on what has been and is happening in our respective organisations, both at world and regional level. We will then look in detail at the progress being made in relation to our joint work. We will then have dinner together and continue our discussions, and make preparations for the next meeting of the Joint Committee, due to be held in Brussels from 11-13 March.


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Craig Turpie
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Craig Turpie

Craig comes from the United Kingdom and was Chairman of the European Scout Committee and a Member of the World Scout Committee. He was following the Region's work on Organisational Development. Craig was also a committee contact for Andorra, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia and Spain.

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